PRIMED helps stakeholders from across the enterprise develop deep insights into portfolios across multiple business areas. By surfacing data, metrics and insights, PRIMED removes traditional silos and enables integrated and holistic thinking and control across the business.


PRIMED lets users gain insight into a wide range of dimensions from resource management, through commercial supplier management, programme financials, risk and change management. With a complete suite of reports and analytics PRIMED provides a visual and interactive experience for all the various users.


Align benefits and portfolios through dynamic interaction with PRIMED’s baseline and scenario workbenches. You are able to develop, modify, monitor and govern portfolio and programme plans and prioritise against organisational budgets.

Change & Issues Response

PRIMED provides a holistic view of portfolio, programme and project plans and metrics and so when potential changes in scope, timelines, requirements and priorities emerge, or when problematic issues are identified, PRIMED is able to provide context and tools to help resolve the condition quickly.

Increased Planning Effectiveness

Accelerate the response time of dealing with changes and emerging issues and be able to build well thought out plans in a reduced timeline, thus eliminating laborious and often erroneous manual work.


Using the powerful PRIMED’s scenario workbench, you can create and compare multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios across all of your portfolio dimensions: costs, benefits, resources, timelines, and projects. Each scenario can be compared to the baseline and alternate scenarios to determine optimal outcomes.

Optimisation Criteria

PRIMED supports portfolio optimisation through comparative analysis and being able to suggest alternative programme configurations based on specific criteria such as time to market, resource utilisation, and minimised costs. 

Auto-Generate Scenarios

Automatically generate one or more scenario options based on a set of optimisation criteria such as time to market, reduction of cost, etc. across the range of dimensions of a large programme such as projects, costs, business impacts, risk, and resourcing.

Compare Programme Configurations & Scenarios

Consider different programme configurations and the resulting plan and to compare the options side by side.