PRIMED offers active portfolio planning, analysis, tracking and management. Programme directors and business stakeholders are able to create and manage benefits and investment strategies while being able to understand their critical path and manage their change using balanced scorecards and key metrics.


PRIMED allows organisations to understand and gain insight across their change and transformation portfolio.


PRIMED provides business leaders and programme directors with the dashboards and analytical tools to develop benefit cases and programme plans to support strategic change initiatives and investments.

Portfolio Planning

Portfolio Strategy & Planning offers active portfolio planning, analysis, tracking and management and for business cases, investment strategies to be created and considered. From charter definition to critical path analysis to key metric definition to balanced scorecards programme directors and business stakeholders have all the analytics and insights at their fingertips.

Programme Charters

PRIMED supports the definition and communication of the vision, objective, scope and outcomes of portfolios, programmes and projects. This allows clear expectations to and from sponsors, customers, stakeholders and owners and to ensure that critical success criteria, risks, assumptions, high level timelines and budgets are articulated clearly.

Programme Structuring & Critical Path Analysis

As strategic initiatives are developed, refined and kick-off, PRIMED lets programme directors and other stakeholders continue to structure the approved programmes and projects in a way that optimises resources and specific outcomes. By modelling dependencies, PRIMED is also able to show critical path data to identify programme float, conflicts and opportunities to build in flexibility and contingency.


PRIMED is designed to ensure that senior executives, business leaders and other stakeholders are engaged in strategic planning. Blending metrics from different perspectives and functions, using reports and dashboards to illustrate the relationship between initiatives, executives are able to have a holistic view of strategy – empowered through insight.

Strategic Metrics

PRIMED supports analytics and insights that allows executives to see operational and delivery-based performance metrics and trends across different functions and dimensions.

Balanced Scorecard

Leveraging Key Peformance Indicators (KPIs), Key Result Areas (KRAs), Budget Variances, Cost Performance Indices (CPIs), and Schedule Peformance Indices (SPIs), executives are able to take a holistic view of the performance of their business change initiatives.

Investment Strategy & Business Case Development

As portfolio plans are developed and refined, business cases can be reviewed and compared alongside risk factors, assumptions, Return on Investment (ROI) and business priorities thus allowing strategic investment decisions to be made based on a full set of facts and views from across the business.

Business Impact & Strategic Mapping

PRIMED helps to surface the relationship between supplier spend, project success, business impact, KPI/KRAs and strategic objectives.